How to get rid of the Machine

How to get rid of the Machine


Strive for the ideal idol!

Found in pop, film or Pepsi,

The universal modern spec

Total Quality Management.

Not so new either,

What about the old quest

for Salvation?

The strive ends up a

muddy driveway-

Sold short by advertising!

Yet there is a real, reachable place to be.

It is to be me, a balanced whatever I am.

To discover my own peculiar soul

and care for it:

Is to triumph the beauty

and absolute diversity

of creation.

A creation which is ongoing

From the basic building blocks

of wind, fire and form

They are subtly crafted

and strangely brought together

to manifest a totally unique

mind, body and soul.

Who am I?

What is my deep and constant nature?

Ignored, disowned and covered up,

Hidden by superficial faces of propaganda.

Lets gently start to lift the veils

of fear and misunderstanding

to reveal the true Self.

Thus the worthy and honest task

of our lives.

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