A recent testimonial received from a patient

A recent testimonial received from a patient


Dear Dr. Ben,

I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to you for the empathy and caring during my cancer episode which goes back a year on Friday. Following major surgery, the path I chose with you, went against society norms (by embracing your alternate methodology). Never did a situation arise, where you refused me access when I needed your attention and advice.

By the use of your philosophy I embraced not only the physical side but also the holistic methods. I am, thank G-d, able to continue with a normal existence, listening to your advice, love and care on an ongoing basis.

The medications you prescribed and your advice on the exiting of the conventional has taught me to believe in a natural healing process embracing this all powerful thing called “the mind”.

I refused chemo after 1 treatment and through good friends I luckily found you. This decision was one of the most difficult I have ever had to make, but with your guidance and knowledge I am eternally grateful that you took on my case.

Once again, I thank you, not only for being my doctor but also for the friendship and love you have shown to me, my wife and family.

Lots of love

Barry Friedman – Krugersdorp

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