Why do our dogs and cats need so much medical attention?

Why do our dogs and cats need so much medical attention?

How veterinary practice has changed over 40 plus years.
Growing up in 1960s visits to the Vet were rare, for biliary, for accidents etc. Thus chronic disease was rare, dogs were fed dogs meat and bones. The vet’s practice had a simple, sparse waiting room and some treatment rooms. Nothing for sale. Nowadays the waiting room is doubled as a showroom packed to the rafters with all kind of synthetic so called ‘scientific’ animal feeds. These ‘foods’ are cobbled together from cheap off cuts from the Agro-food industry as per agricultural science dictates. That is so much fat, protein, energy, moisture etc. Source and nature of the components are not considered. On the industrial farm the needs are extremely short term, how quickly and cheaply can we fatten this animal for sale. Long term health of the farm animal is of no concern.

Feeding carnivores (cats and dogs) carbohydrates especially from the agricultural inspired non fresh foods leads to a broad range of chronic diseases . For instance various rheumatoid/ joint diseases. The dog is taken back to the vet. Now the vet advises/ prescribes a ‘Special’ joint food . The same junk components fortified with glucosamine and Omega 3 fatty acids. Eventually the dog can look forward to eczema, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure and cancers on these regimes.

My advice is to feed bones, chicken necks and backs, in other words suitable real foods for obligate carnivores.

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