The New Psychopathy – James Hillman writing on The Bad Seed

The New Psychopathy – James Hillman writing on The Bad Seed

“Faceless corporate boards and political administrators make decisions that wreck communities, ruin families, and despoil nature. The successful psychopath pleases the crowd and wins elections. The thick glass of the TV tube and chameleon like versatility in displaying whatever is wanted favours distance, coldness, and in front of charm, as do many of the sleek accoutrements of high station in the political, legal, religious, and corporate structures. Anyone who rises in a world that worships success should be suspect, for this is an age of psychopathy. The psychopath today no longer slinks like a dirty rat through the dark alleys of black-and-white 1930s crime films, but parades through the boulevards in a bullet-proof limo on state visits, runs entire nations, and sends delegates to
the U.N. Hitler is therefore old-style and can divert us from seeing through the mask worn by the demonic today, and tomorrow. The demonic that is timeless nonetheless enters theworld disguised in contemporary fashion, dressed to kill.”   From ‘The Soul’s Code’ by James Hillman page 215-216

And how this plays out today, from an interview with British cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra:

Profit Before Public Health

Malhotra said Big Pharma puts profits before safety, and that doctors, academic institutions, and medical journals collude with industry for financial gain.

There are many examples of Big Pharma sacrificing the safety of the public by selling unsafe drugs, even when the industry knows the product causes a high rate of death or disability, said Malhotra.

“We have a word for that. It’s called fraud. They actually function like a psychopathic entity,” said Malhotra. The phrase “psychopathic entity” was coined by Dr. Robert Hare, a forensic psychologist who said these companies function with no concern for public safety and no sense of wrongdoing or remorse when the public is harmed.

At the same time, most doctors don’t realize the amount of control Big Pharma exerts on the medical profession and public health, Malhotra said. On the contrary, most doctors trust the pharmaceutical companies and government regulatory and medical agencies, he said.

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