Depth Homeopathy

My particular brand of homeopathy is called Depth Homeopathy which in a nutshell is a form of classical homeopathy. In classical homeopathy one  remedy is prescribed at a time. The remedy is chosen on the basis of how the patient experiences their disease, distress or symptoms. Depth refers to the need to journey deep into the patient’s nature, in order to see what remedy they need to fully address their main complaints. Depth Homeopathy is essentially based on the work of Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr Dinesh Chauhan (India), Dr. Jan Scholten (Netherlands), Dr Massimo Mangialavori (Italy), Dr Roger Morrison (US) and others using the “The Sensation Method” and Group Analysis.


I see similarities between Depth Homeopathy, Depth Ecology, and Depth Psychology.


Depth Ecology was a phrase coined by the Norwegian ecologist Arne Naess in the 1970s. Basically it protested against the ‘instrumental values’ assigned to the environment just as a resource to humankind. Instead it calls for the right of existence of all species just for their own sake, whether or not they are useful to humans. Thus all forms of life are looked at with more sanctity and meaning.


The form of Depth Psychology I am particularly interested in is derived from the work of James Hillman (The Soul’s Code) and Thomas Moore (The Care of the Soul). They look for the richness and deeper meaning in the actions and inactions of people. They look beyond inheritance (genetics) and environment as the primary or only determiners of the welfare of the mind. Instead they draw on old knowledge handed down over the centuries which says that there is a kind of guardian angel / daemon / or soul that when accessed or listened to, provides us with meaningful purpose and direction in life.


In Depth Homeopathy that same inner force – called the ‘Vital Force’ is recognized as a possible daemon or angel in our lives – guiding or sabotaging. The first requirement is to find it and acknowledge it. Then we can begin to address those issues by prescribing a remedy that matches its energy. Like cures like. Imagine a wave at sea. If the same size (height) wave crest is juxtaposed with the same size (depth) wave trough – the trough and the crest will cancel each other out and we will be left with a calm sea!