My experiences with Depth Homeopathy:


“I came across Depth Homeopathy and Dr. Ben Wulfsohn, when I was looking for an alternative treatment of an itchy rash that had spread over my whole body in the course of several weeks. It was a difficult time in my life; I was confronted with a possibly fatal illness of my mum, who lives in another part of the world and I still tried to keep up with my demanding work schedule. I had first consulted a general practitioner and a dermatologist, both unsuccessfully; they subscribed anti-histamines which didn’t change anything except making me feel drowsy, took a biopsy which came out with a result indicating that it could be an auto-immune condition and suggested that I should take a high dosage of cortisone over the course of several months, which I wasn’t prepared to do.


I had been successfully treated by classical homoeopathy before, but this was the first time to encounter the principles of Depth Homeopathy. It started with the completion of an extensive questionnaire and an over two hour long assessment in the practice. At that time the itchy rash had become nearly unbearable for me and was affecting my sense of wellbeing. I was desperately looking for a solution. The rather slow process during the first session, of questions concerning all parts of my personal life, my family history and the free association on topics, which I sometimes thought were random, were testing my patience. I understood that the causes can be manifold, that the psychological stress during the last months also played a role and that it is important for the homeopath to get an impression of the patient, but in the midst of the session I had the feeling we were not getting any closer to the cause and the possible treatment for my condition. I felt mentally and physically drained, irritable and expressed my doubts. Shortly afterwards we got closer to a conclusion, to the main underlying factors and possible remedies. It was like looking at a glass of muddy water which slowly clears up, the sediment gathering on the ground. I felt a sense of relief and started understanding that Depth Homeopathy means starting a process without quick conclusions, gathering as much information as possible, then slowly getting to the core and with that to the correct treatment. I got the first dose of my homeopathic constitutional remedy at the end of the session and took home a few Ayurvedic suggestions on nutrition that generally help with skin conditions.


The second session took place 10 days later. I had taken another dose of the remedy and integrated a few of the Ayurvedic suggestions. The first session had also triggered many thoughts about myself and my way of life that came up frequently in the course of the next weeks. The rash had stopped spreading, which I perceived as a first success, but hadn’t changed much otherwise, the itch was still intense. We decided to give it some more time and continue in the same way.

About two weeks later, the situation was still similar, the rash was a bit less aggravated, hadn’t spread further, but was not receding or less itchy. After consulting with Dr. Wulfsohn I made up a plussed remedy and started taking it daily for a week. The results were overwhelming: The itch was nearly gone completely, which was a major relief, and the rash was slowly but visibly getting better; I felt more positive and had more energy than in the weeks before. The symptoms continued to improve while I continued with the daily dose of the plussed remedy for about seven weeks. When the rash was nearly gone, I slowly started taking the remedy less frequently, every second day, once a week, twice monthly and then monthly.


Today the rash is completely gone and there are no signs it will be back. We had a few follow up sessions since then, which helped me to reflect and continue to integrate changes in my life, in my case creating a better work-life-balance and a deeper understanding of self.


Concluding I would encourage everyone to trust the process of Depth Homeopathy, as difficult and unstructured as it may seem in the beginning. The holistic reflection and the right remedy have helped me to deal with my skin condition on more than just the physical level and through that in a more sustainable way.”