The Process

The Homeopathic Process: From Interview to Cure

“Homeopathy can be new and strange to most people and I think it is important to sketch out the path in general terms.”

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1. Initial Consultation


I like to set aside between 1 ½ to 2 hours for the first meeting (with small children about 45 minutes to an hour). It is a chance for the patient to describe his/her main complaints and how they affect their lives in great detail and depth.

2. Follow up consultations


The first follow up consult is usually scheduled about a month after the initial consultation. Where there are acute issues this could be shorter.


We review the effects of the remedy given in quite a bit of detail to assess accuracy of the original prescription, repetition of the remedy, and/or potency changes. This consultation is about 1 hour long.


Subsequent follow-ups are usually more routine meetings (about 30 to 45min) aimed at keeping the healing process on track.


I urge my patients to use my services for any acute illnesses (flu, fever, etc.) that may arise, even if they were not part of the original main complaint. Repeated use of the homeopathic approach will build your own immune system to withstand and respond appropriately to infections, inflammations and injuries.


The process of following up generally needs to be carried out monthly to 6 weekly, over a 6 to 12 months period depending on various factors. Intervals for longer-term follow-ups could be extended to 3 to 6 monthly.


How long does it take to effect cure? In chronic cases anything from 1 to 12 months. So it can be a long-term process. Most patients however report feeling better within themselves after the first meeting, even before complete cure of their original main complaint.

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3. What about Acute conditions?


Colds, flu, gastric upsets etc. do not follow pre-planned timetables. The consultation is also much shorter about 30mins.


In an acute state a patient can usually describe the key global sensations of discomfort much quicker and with much more accuracy. Acute conditions generally respond very quickly to homeopathic treatment.


4. Treating children using Depth Homeopathy?


Children, especially babies and infants need a different approach to the standard Classical methods of case taking. I take a detailed history of the mother’s experience of pregnancy. This is coupled with my observation and examination of the baby, and an understanding of the baby or infant’s nature from the parents.


5. Diagnostics and medical tests


Modern / western medicine diagnostic procedures are used. If necessary, blood or other tests are ordered. Depending on diagnostic results and/or presentation of symptoms I could also refer the patient to the appropriate medical specialist.


6. Medical Aid Coverage


Most medical aid schemes do provide cover for homeopathic consultations. I will supply you with a tax invoice that you will need to submit to your medical aid in order for your costs to be refunded. My fees are at the recommended Discovery Medical rates.